Website Design & Development

Changing the perception of a printing studio

About ScalePlate

ScalePlate is a leading provider of variable printing solutions. Their small, privately-owned company focuses on customer service and developing equipment with the user in mind.


ScalePlate needed an easy and flexible website to connect with their customers and provide an easy way for users to find their products.

The biggest challenge was to authenticate the products’ merits in the best possible way, showcasing ScalePlate’s enthusiasm and imagination with every scroll and click.


ScalePlate came to us with a strong sense of identity, but no formal logo. A big part of the storytelling process involved coming up with a visual identifier that epitomized their playful attitude and distinct product line. The pending design would inform the new site's overall look. With a new logo in place, we set about sketching a site with bright colours and inspirational images and graphics.

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