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Website design for an immigration lawyer

About Linda Dakin-Grimm

Linda Dakin-Grimm is a lawyer and immigration advocate working to help ordinary people respond to immigration with deeper knowledge and meaningful action.


This project was very similar to Dating Practically in terms of the approach and process. Once again, we partnered with Sherwood Fellows, a creative agency in Texas, who was in charge of creating a branding and marketing strategy for Linda.

As it usually happens, we had a problem related to the timeline. The client's request was to deliver the project in 1 week, which is very tight for this type of website. In addition, the requirement was to optimize the site for fast loading and various screen sizes.


Based on our previous experience, we decided to plan in advance as to what technologies and platforms should be used for building the website. Since the client already had familiarity with Wordpress, we chose it as a content management system. For content management, we decided to go with Divi, as it's one of the most powerful and simple visual editors.

To ensure the fast loading, we implemented some advanced speed optimization on the client and server side, including lazy-loading for images, code minification and compression.

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