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Building an online freelance community

About Lance

Lance is an online portal for freelancers in Kyrgyzstan. It contains useful information about freelance, including ideas and advices for freelancers on how to succeed and earn money online.


The freelance community in our country Kyrgyzstan grows every day. Thanks to platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, Codecanyon, Fiverr and many others, now our freelancers have a lot of opportunities to find work online and collaborate with people all over the world.

Unfortunately, the web industry in Kyrgyzstan is in a very early stage, and there isn't enough information on the internet of our country.

Freelancers were having trouble finding information about how to work via online platforms, how to get paid and withdraw money and many other different things.


As a solution, our team came up with an idea to create a website, where each member of the freelance community in Kyrgyzstan could post articles and share information with others.

This project involved not only design and development on our end, but also content writing, SEO and marketing. We're still improving the website and working on features that will be useful for our users.

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