We help small business owners get more clients by designing websites that convert


For businesses who want to grow online, Avelts is an agency that provides website design & development services. We strive to become a member of our clients' team to provide seamless service at all times.



Firstly we get to know the concept. This means talking to you, asking you questions and giving some ideas along the way.

Together we turn the brief into a story that allows us to get started on how the users will interact on the site.


User Experience

UX is a crucial part of all our projects - ensuring a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.

Depending on the project scope we might expand on what we learned during the planning. When we are clear on how things are going to work we can produce wireframes.



This is where we ensure your site looks gorgeous and functions perfectly.

We try to make sure everything we design will scale down well to smaller screens like your tablet and phone. We’ll make a plan about how your design responds to different screen sizes.



Here we turn our designs into something that works in the browser and begin to sprinkle some code to power everything. We work hard to ensure the site looks good across the board.

We’ll also make sure that the site automatically knows what sort of device you’re using and adjusts itself accordingly.