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WordPress website for relationship coaching company

About Dating Practically

Dating Practically provides coaching services and support for the people who want to date better and improve their relationships. Founded by Nada Rifai, the company started operating in 2020 and needed a website to attract new clients.


This was a project that we did in partnership with Sherwood Fellows, a creative agency in Texas. The team developed the branding and marketing strategy for Dating Practically, and we provided support in website creation.

Sherwood Fellows did a great job in preparing all content and design guidelines, so the project went very smoothly. Nevertheless, there were some certain things that we needed to keep in mind during the development.

Firstly, there should have been an easy administration area to manage the website regularly. Secondly, the website should have been optimized for all of the screen sizes, including wider screens. Moreover, the requirement was to finish the whole website in 2 weeks.


Due to a very strict deadline and requirements to the design, the best solution was to choose Wordpress as a content management system. It's pretty easy for non-technical users and provides a variety of built-in features and plugins that increase the speed of the development process. In terms of the content editor, we decided to use Divi-editor, since it allows to easily edit text and images in a very user-friendly visual builder.

Having the design mockups in place and approved by the client, we were able to build the website in less than 2 weeks. After the first draft version, there were only some minimal revisions from the client site in terms of the content and visual elements.

To make the website look good on various devices, we had to make some additional adjustments to smaller and larger screens.

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