Website Design & Development

Website for a personal coach and fitness instructor

About Christine Archer

Christine Archer is a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach for women and moms, who helps her clients transform their lives and become healthy, fit, and confident.

This was another project that we did together with Strive & Grind, a boutique Branding & Creative Agency based in San Diego. They created the design & branding for Christine, giving us the responsibility to take care of the website development.


The requirement of the development was to use WordPress as a content management system along with the X theme. Having a pretty complex layout structure, it was a little bit challenging to implement the design into the theme editor without too much custom coding.

In addition, the mobile version of the site needed some extra work, as most of the site visitors come from mobile devices.


By making some extra adjustments, we were able to incorporate all design elements with a possibility to easily edit text and images. The site features many interactive elements, including modal windows, forms, and gallery grids, which are also customizable by a non-technical user.

The website is fully optimized for tablets and mobile devices. All content elements are adapted to fit the device screen width and height.

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