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About Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids revolutionizes STEM learning by making college-level science accessible to K-12 students. Developed by Yale-educated chemistry professors, the curriculum creates a unique visual and tactile learning environment that makes high-level chemistry and biochemistry fun and rewarding for kids as young as 6.


Prior to working with us, the owner of the company created a website in Squarespace. While Squarespace is a very good choice in terms of content management, it has lots of limitations. Specifically, the owner of the company wanted to display lessons in a format of keynote presentations, so that users could switch between the slides directly on the website.

In addition, he wanted to restrict the pages for certain users. That was not possible in Squarespace.


In order to meet the client requirements, our team recommended to migrate the website to Wordpress, because it's fully customizable and cost-effective.

We implemented a custom content restriction functionality to hide the lesson pages from visitors and make them available to specific users defined by administrator. The site supports user registration and login.

The content is fully manageable by the website administrator. It's also possible to add new lessons, upload presentations and files.

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