Website Design & Development

Establishing web presence for a nutrition company

About Ashling Wellness

Aisling Whelan is a registered dietitian nutritionist who counsels hundreds of patients with conditions such as kidney disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and GI disorders. This experience has inspired her to start Ashling Wellness, a place where people can go for real food solutions aimed at delaying or even halting the progression of their kidney disease.


Aisling wanted a website with a graphic logo and branding that differentiates her from other healthcare providers. Having no library of photographic images, it was necessary to thoroughly research stock photos for her website that project an image in sync with the company’s philosophy.


Avelts worked closely with the client to develop a website that was simple and easy to navigate, but that also communicated the innovative approach to the audience.

The site is fully flexible and extendable, whilst being easy to troubleshoot and maintain, with an ability to create new content and generate landing pages for individual campaigns quickly and easily.

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