Website Design & Development

Landing page with custom content management system

About is the first and largest airsoft community in Kyrgyzstan.


Airsoft community needed a website to inform the members about the upcoming events and games. The website had to be as easy to use as possible on mobile phones and fully responsive for all devices, from mobile to desktop. Equally important was the need for a highly flexible CMS to allow different content editors to edit every element of the website.


Avelts built the site using Symfony 2 - a high performance PHP framework for web development.

We wanted to make a site that was as equally engaging as it was informative. First-time users and members should immediately feel like they have the appropriate information and tools to participate in the life of community. This is why we focused on creating an easy-to-navigate web page with graphics, slider and informative text.

The site is fully flexible with an ability to create new content and generate landing pages for individual campaigns quickly and easily.

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